About Us

IMG_7808The work of Little Flower was begun by Brent and Serena Johnson in 1995 when they became aware of the great need for specialized care programs for abandoned children in China. In 1998 they began the process of setting up as a registered non-profit in the USA and received 501(c)(3) status in 2000. Brent and Serena have always donated their time, energy, expertise and resources to the organization and accept no salary or financial compensation for their work.

Brent and Serena met in China as exchange students in the central province of Shanxi in 1990. After they were married in the USA, they returned to China and started helping babies, one at a time. They began with no thoughts of doing this work on a large scale, systematic basis but by 1998 they realized how effective these specialized services were and had secured funding to open a small 12 bed home for disabled orphans. From 2004 to 2009 they worked with China Care Foundation to help set up and run a unique set of programs serving disabled orphans in China. In 2009 they again threw their time and energy into expanding the work of Little Flower. _a_06=2012-06-16=web

Brent and Serena live in Beijing with their six children. Brent’s full time job is working as an executive manager for a large international health care company that operates hospitals and clinics across China. The couple share the responsibilities of supervising the day to day care, medical treatment and education of the Little Flower children, as well as the promotion, fundraising, financial and administrative side of running the organization. They work with the talented and dedicated Little Flower employees who share the same goal – to make a difference in the lives of abandoned children!